4 Ways Mental Health Can Impact Physical Health

It is no secret that poor mental wellness potentially has negative side effects on an individual’s overall health. Not taking care of your mental condition will affect your outcomes in life eventually. Residents of Melbourne can get mental healthcare by visiting mental health retreats Victoria. Shockingly, having a severe mental illness can lead to a reduction in life expectancy by up to 20 years.

But how is this possible? We do not have all the answers yet! Due to inadequate investments in the research sector, the studies conducted are not enough to determine the exact reasons. Nonetheless, it is essential that people can carry on with their desired lives to the fullest.

Here are some known reasons to take care of your mental health.

Mental Illness and Heart Disease

Research conducted by King’s College in London determined the connection between severe mental illnesses like bipolar disorder and cardio diseases. In the most extensive investigation of its kind, analysts went through data from more than 3 million individuals living with serious mental disorders.

The researchers discovered that the subjects had a 53% chance of developing a cardiovascular illness than those that didn’t have any psychological disorder. The chances of someone dying from cardio disease was 85% higher than their agemates in the general populace.

Anxiety, Depression and Cancer Mortality Levels

Findings that stormed the headlines in early 2017 showed that there is a connection between raised chances of dying from cancer and high rates of mental disorder. Investigations by University College London, University of Sydney and Edinburgh University observed analysis from 16 studies conducted on the general population.

The researchers determined the psychological conditions of subjects through the use of questionnaires. They continued with follow-up analysis for a decade and tracked if the subjects succumbed to cancer and what type of cancer. The investigators took into consideration factors that were likely to affect the information collected.

Depression and Diabetes

Research has established a link between diabetes and depression. However, more investigation is needed for a better understanding of how they connect. Some findings show how people suffering from both diabetes and depression tend to display more severe signs than those who have only diabetes.

A different investigation revealed those that suffered from both conditions had an 85% chance of getting a heart attack. The studies show the importance of finding people at high risk and observing their cardiovascular wellness.

Osteoporosis and Schizophrenia

Osteoporosis is a condition linked with low bone mass, making them brittle and prone to fracture easily. Research shows that schizophrenia victims have a higher chance of incurring osteoporosis and are bound to experience hip injuries.

In 2013 analysts re-examined findings from studies that focused on the prevalence of osteoporosis and low bone density. The analysts point out that schizophrenia doubled an individual’s chances of having a lesser bone density as well as the risk of developing osteoporosis. However, the researchers say that also more investigations need to be conducted for rigorous conclusions to be made.

If we experienced a life where mental disorders were adequately treated, and one day even stopped, it could have a tremendous impact on our physical, emotional and overall wellbeing.