Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

Doctors and experts have been warning us about the dangers of smoking. Cigarette packages even have a health warning in them. However, smoking is an addicting vice, and it is hard for people to stop smoking once they get addicted. Whenever a smoker decides to quit, it’s not an easy journey. They would try to cut down their number of sticks per day and gradually transition to not having the urge to smoke every day. But this usually fails when you don’t have much will to stop, so others look for alternatives to help them quit.

E-cigarettes have made an entry as an alternative for smoking.

There are still mixed opinions about vaping. E-cigarettes or vaping is indeed better than smoking cigarettes. However, it still poses some health risks:

It Still Contains Nicotine

In vaping, you have control over how much nicotine you want in your vape. With plenty of E-juice available in the market with different nicotine levels, you have the freedom to choose. Getting rid of nicotine entirely would be the best course of action as nicotine has been linked to health conditions such as cancer, damage to the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, stillbirths in pregnant women, etc.

It Contains Other Toxins

According to the American Lung Association, there are still other toxins other than nicotine found on e-cigarettes, such as carcinogens, acrolein, hazardous metals, diacetyl, etc. Toxins mentioned can cause bronchitis or lung damage.

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It Causes Secondhand Smoke

Just like regular cigarettes, vaping still causes secondhand smoke that can be toxic to other people around you.

Risks of Burns or Accidents

There was a time where accidents and explosions of vapes flooded the news. It is usually because of faulty or misused electric chargers, so one should be careful in using an e-cigarette.

It Doesn’t Make You Quit Smoking.

People usually switch to e-cigs because they want to quit smoking cigarettes. However, a study done in 2016 has shown that people who use e-cigs or vape are unlikely to stop smoking altogether.

It May Not Discourage Teen Smoking

E-juices usually comes with endless options of flavors. From fruity flavors to desserts, kinds of beverages, etc. Thus, this gives the impression that e-cigarettes are not harmful and could tempt teens to vape at an early age. And this poses a higher chance that they’ll be smoking real cigarettes later in life.

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Trying e-cigarettes is entirely your choice. However, it is important to be well aware of the benefits and risks before trying it.…

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How Athletes Can Benefit from Using CBD Post-Workout

Athletes have to be in good shape all the time to participate in different sporting activities. That is why they will engage in regular workouts every day. Working out consistently may lead to wearing out and injuries. This may make one miss out on different sporting activities. Your career can also be affected as a result. You should always be careful during your workouts.

CBD is one of the products you can use in your workouts for quality results. It is from the hemp plant and can treat a variety of medical conditions. CBD oil is the most used form of the product. It comes in different concentrations meant for specific body types or treatments. The kind of concentration or strength you choose can be determined by the condition you are treating.

It is a natural product and does not bring about any mind-altering effects which is the case when using other cannabis products. You can use it before or after your workouts. Here is how athletes stand to benefit from its use after working out.

Fast Recovery

Your muscles tend to wear out fast after engaging in severe workouts. This is because of the pressure applied to them. Carrying on with your exercises during the next session may prove to be difficult. CBD has anti-inflammatory qualities, making it the best product for pain treatment. You will recover fast from the muscle pain you are experiencing when you use CBD after working out.

Quality Rest

Rest is essential after any workout. It promotes fast recovery, and you will wake up feeling more rejuvenated to keep going with your workouts. Getting some quality rest after a workout session might be difficult because of pain and the stress that comes about as a result. CBD helps to ease off anxiety, which is vital for some quality rest. You will feel calmer and fall asleep fast.

Burns Fat

One of the reasons why many engage in different types of exercises is to burn fat and experience muscle growth. Using CBD after your workouts can speed up this. It helps to boost metabolism, which is vital for burning body fat and stimulating muscle growth.…

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The Role of Ping Pong in Improving Your Cognitive Function

Ping pong is a popular table game loved by many. Also referred to as table tennis, it is all about playing on a marked table against an opponent. It can also be played in doubles. The rules are very clear because all you are required to do is hit the ball on your opponent’s half. If it bounces twice, you get to score points. A small net usually separates the two halves of each player.

Getting the right playing equipment will guarantee you some quality time in this game. You should look for a good ping pong table for smooth playing time. Make sure it is of the right size and dimensions. Other things to buy include a light paddle that will be used to hit the ball and a quality ball. Playing ping pong has proved to be beneficial to the health of many out there.

It is a game that will help you burn calories and get rid of excess body fat. This is because of the energy used in the process. Moving around while hitting the ball also improves the flexibility of joints found in the upper and lower parts of your body. Playing ping pong has also been considered an excellent way to enhance your brain and cognitive function. Here is how it helps to ensure your brain is functioning correctly.

Improved Concentration

There is some high level of concentration required when playing this type of game. You have to focus more on preventing the ball from landing on your side. The level of concentration you get from playing this type of game is vital for your cognitive function. You will have an easy time carrying out other activities. Students stand to benefit more by recording improved performances in class.

Reduced Stress

Stress is a condition that affects your mental health. It results in anxiety, an increased state of fear and worry. You are also likely to suffer from depression as a result. Playing ping pong after a long, busy day can help ease off the stress you are going through and improve brain function.

Improved Problem Solving

Playing this type of game requires fast thinking for you to act swiftly and prevent the ball from landing on your side. This is vital for your brain as you will always be quick to solve a variety of problems quickly in real-life situations. Play the game more to enjoy the benefits.…

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Signs You Need to See a Chiropractor

Chiropractic care is not a new and odd term these days. The truth is that many people have tried visiting a chiropractor at least once in their lives and mentioned how great the treatment is for their current issues. Not only does it target the core problems of the diseases, but the treatment is also known to offer zero-chemical therapy. It means that everything is done naturally, based on the chiropractor’s knowledge about body structure. Leigh Brain and spine is one example of chiropractic care that offers quality treatments only. As they focus more on what has been the core problem, they aim for a pain-free and anxious-free state. However, it is somewhat hard to tell if someone needs the treatment as people these days tend to ignore signs and symptoms. For that reason, below are several signs you need to see a chiropractor.

Muscle-Related Issues

Chronic pain around muscles and joints is one ultimate sign of musculoskeletal misalignment. It simply means your body is not at its best shape as some parts of the entire structure are misaligned. If you notice this sign, even when it still causes barely noticeable pain, it is time to see a chiropractor. It is better to be early than late, especially when it is about your body. Most people are trapped in the state of taking painkillers to ease the pain. While it may work, it does not address the core issues. As a result, the pain keeps coming back whenever your body is exhausted. Chiropractic care is what the experts believe to be an effective solution as it traces back to the source of the pain.

Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition experienced by those who sit from nine to five and those who have a heavy field job. Accidents can also be one possible reason why back pain happens. If you notice this condition, prepare to see a chiropractor immediately. The therapy is known to alleviate the symptoms of back pain, such as stiff shoulders and inflamed lower back. Note that it is wise to take action immediately rather than having to wait until things get chronic.


Headaches have many causes. However, many cases show that musculoskeletal misalignment is the core cause of pain on your head. You may not realize this and prefer to take paracetamol instead. However, even the strongest dose of paracetamol will not give you a long-term solution as it only attacks the symptoms and not the core problem.…

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