Remedies for Hemorrhoids That You Can Try at Home

While research shows that every three out of four persons may have experienced hemorrhoids in their lives, there are far fewer people consulting their doctors for this condition. Most of the time, people only consult their doctor when there are extreme pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. To many, having hemorrhoids is very embarrassing to share it with friends.

With the perceived embarrassment of letting other people know that they have hemorrhoids, most people prefer self-medication at home which is just okay because their condition is not a severe medical condition. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the rectal or anal areas that cause pain or discomfort, especially during defecation and prolonged sitting.

There are many causes of hemorrhoids, like pregnancy and obesity, because of the extra pressure that is exerted in the lower part of the body. For the other causes, let us discuss them as part of home remedies that you can do to treat or alleviate symptoms of your hemorrhoids or piles.

Avoid Prolonged Sitting

Prolonged sitting gives extra pressure in your rectal and anal area. There is even more pressure when you sit on the toilet bowl for an extended period because tissues around your anus are stretched, causing stress to veins. Avoid straining during defecation or forcefully blowing as you do to balloons. They give extra pressure on your anal area that may aggravate your piles

vegetablesEat Fiber Rich Food and Food Supplements

If you think you are not getting enough fibers from your intake of vegetables and fruits, it is advised that you take in safe food supplements that are rich in fibers. They soften your stool so you will not need to strain during defecation.

Upgrade Your Sitz Bath

Find a Sitz bath basin that will fit in perfectly into your toilet bowl so it will be stable. With lukewarm water, add on crushed Witch Hazel, a considerable amount of Epson salt and glycerin and sit on it for 15 minutes. The combination lessens pain and bleeding, reduces inflammation and tightens the skin. Maintain the temperature of the water by adding hot water from time to time.

Some piles patients separate the procedure by having a Sitz bath for 15 minutes, apply crushed Witch Hazel for some time, and tape a solution of Epsom salt and glycerin for another 15 minutes which may be time-consuming and may be very uncomfortable if you have painful hemorrhoids.

medicineTopical Creams, Pills, and Oral Sprays

Some commercial products that are out in the market promise treatment or alleviation of hemorrhoids. They come in as topical creams, pharmaceutical creams, and even oral sprays. For more information about oral sprays for hemorrhoids, you may click on Venapro to find out more on the product.

To make sure that these products do not have side effects that can aggravate your condition, check on the label for the raw materials used and look for unbiased testimonials of past users of the product.

Although these home remedies can be very effective, you cannot treat all types of hemorrhoids with do-it-yourself remedies. Thrombotic hemorrhoids, which are characterized by a hard lump, is very painful and causes extreme discomfort during defecation, so you have to see your doctor.